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A South Florida native and natural born athlete, Shane Rowe has had a passion for sports from the early age of 4. As a multi-sport athlete throughout his youth, Shane was disciplined and conditioned at an early age to believe that hard work and passion is the root of most success. 


Shane attended Nova High School and quickly became a part of the Nova High School Baseball Program and its legacy. Dedicating much of his time on baseball, the other sports were left in the back of his mind... but not forgotten.


After highschool, Shane went on to play baseball for Broward College and ended his career after an elbow injury was preventing him from reaching his peak potential. This injury ignited a fire within him to focus not only on rehabilitation and physiology, but to focus on the factors that mold healthy athletes and what factors prevent athletes from achieving greatness. Shane continued his education at Florida Atlantic University where he later earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). While a full time student, he landed an opportunity to work 1-on-1 with athletes of all backgrounds (youth, D1/collegiate, combine, and Professional) at a facility in Davie, FL. 

Wanting more for himself and his athletes, Shane established Rowe Performance. He founded the company on three values: Gratitude, Accountability, and Preparation. Those three words have helped him establish a concrete reputation in the South Florida Strength and Conditioning Industry and beyond. Gratitude, Accountability, and Preparation are incorporated into every program at Rowe Performance. In just a short time, Shane has worked and transformed all kinds of athletes and will continue to leave his mark on the Sports and Conditioning Industry for years to come. 

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